I started seeing this video posted by a couple of people on FaceBook. I recognized the face of the woman and the title of video as the project Anita Sarkeesian got Kick Started about a year ago to discuss the shitty depiction of women in video games and game culture. I saw that thumbnail and my immediate reaction was to roll my eyes.

“Pfft,” I thought, “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. [Insert chubby, white, male internet video game personality] already made whatever point she’s going to make in this video plenty of times. Her old material is so bad and her arguments faulty”

All these thoughts ran through my head in the seconds it took to keep scrolling away from the link. All these reasons to ignore this video and disgard its value. And then I asked myself why? Why  was I already so emotional about something I hadn’t even seen? But I ignored that question too, that is until I read some reactions to the video. On Movie Bob’s Blog, he upped a post where he just embedded the video and didn’t comment on it. His readers though, went to town with something like 200 comments within a few days (now up to over 600).  His audience of, apparently, mostly mid-30 to mid-40 year old educated/tech savvy white men pretty much went to town on the video and of course Anita herself. Statements about how the video was invalid because she disabled comments/ratings on youtube, or  her being hypocritical because she wore lipstick and earrings while claiming to be feminist (yes, people still think you can’t try to look good and want to have social equality) and other such nonsense. That was when I knew I needed to watch the clip for myself.

It was entertaining, informational and basically just real. She didn’t ‘break new ground’ as some commenters said, but in reality she did. Because until the day comes we don’t NEED these kinds of videos or protests, then it will be new to someone. It’ll be new to every commenter who says “Thats how things have always been.” or “You can’t compare games to [other medium]!” or until game publishers stop refusing to make games unless the Dev team makes the protag from a female to a male.