over the weekend Famitsu updated their data for game sales in Japan with Final Fantasy X|X2 HD’s numbers and they were very strong.


The High Definition re-release of Final Fantasy X and its sequel had week one sales of more than 339K units.

A month and some weeks before, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII sold 277K units.



I lied. I will comment.

I don’t think these numbers necessarily represent the quality (or lack thereof) of Lightning Returns. I am certain there is FFXIII Fatigue going around, the JRPG consumer base. As much as I loved the first game in the series I am really ready for a new world and and new nonsense, made up vocabulary (And boy and boy is that Bravely Default demo really satisfying both those itches).

On top of that, FFX is 10 years old! The amount of nostalgia it evokes is very significant.

Basically I’m proactively defending Lightning Returns before I buy it.