Summer has started and game companies need to keep you interested and hyped while we wait for Autumn and for the 500 game launches of October. That must mean E3 is upon is.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo began today. I must admit I had no real predictions or hopes going into this event for any studio or company. So many games had been revealed in recent weeks that I just couldn’t think of any game I would care about being talked about here. Unfortunately that was the case for the entire Microsoft Press Conference.

Micorsoft’s conference was very themed and very deliberately planned. After being turned into the butt of everyone’s jokes last year because of their reveal of the Xbox1 and its sharing, trading and Always on connections, and then showing off a ton of sports side projects and TV designs, MSFT could not dare take a chance in doing anything but show off games. And show games is what they did.

PhIl Spencer came out and hit the audience with a list of games, a stash of demos and trailers. The heavy hitters came in early with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Halo 5: Guardians, the first look at AssCreed:unity, a new game from the L4D folks and re release of the first 4 Halo games. More new games followed those up including the DIY game building, Project Spark, and a co-op, Dragon Age-y Fable game, Fable Legends.

MSFT hit the ground running with a lot of AAA third party titles, nostalgic first party games and newish games that were already announced. Unfortunately for me none of these reveals or trailers really did anything for me. I don’t do FPS military games, open world zombie games are killing me softly and they just keep popping up. The one thing I would’ve loved to have seen more of, Harmonix’s and Disney’ Fantasia, was a no show. I was just underwhelmed.

Sony wrapped up the night and I can’t say that I was underwhelmed at all.In fact I was really just confused! As they have been all year, Sony and MSFT swapped positions from last E3 and Sony set out to show how diverse they were as a company and how diverse the PS4 and PSV are. The show opened up with the first actual* gameplay footage of The Order 1886. A visually stunning game with roots in the horror genre. After this the jumped into the reveal of a Flower/Amplitude musical sound shape game AND announced that it was available to purchase TONIGHT (via your smartphone app!). Then a poorly sound engineered and very long piece for the reveal of Little Big Planet 3 happened and the night continued like that: Indie game, AAA game, indie game.

Then out of left field in the most ironic twist of fate imaginable, Sony started to talk about TV! Brian Michael Bendis of Marvel comics came out and overstayed his welcome as he stumbled on the names he dropped trying to get applause from the audience (you guys like The Walking Dead still right?) and he announced a series based on a comic about super hero murder mysteries. meh

Then the roller coaster swang back to a high as Sony brought out their PS TV and and PSV streaming options which will be brought to the west this Fall. I was very much looking forward to that device. Like a Roku or Smart TV HUD, the PS (Vita) TV will let you access programs like netflix and amazon instant without a game console AND it streams Playstation games. I was very interested in that when it launched in Japan earlier this year. A price and date was announced but Sony also left the dubious line “it it’s available in your area” hanging in the air. Kind of foreboding.

Lastly Sony hung everyone on the edge of their seat, teasing a game that would be the fourth in its series and that we already knew about. They showed trailers for GTA 5 on next gen (PC, X1 as well) and for the next Arkham game (looks more like Saints Row Batman edition) and finally ended the show with the reveal of Drake’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Sony surprised me but also annoyed me. Their message was not tight enough and the things they did focus on, exclusive content and timed releases, just make me feel a bit more jaded. But the highs, like the debut of From Software’s BloodBorne, were really high