Here is s photo dump of pics and links from GaymerX2!

Me and Guest Players!

Here’s me getting settled on the plane to SanFran



20140713_170631           20140712_131705


Me cheesing real hard with Shawn Allen                       Hugging a Gatchaman





Joystiq Love


Cosplay and Video games


GaymerTV                          20140712_145104

A pic from the Dragball by @GaymerTV                                   A gender-bent Ramona Flowers

    IndieCade Tumblr

    This was a fun game like anti-CAH. You choose the unpopular cards to win



Played the first public Demo of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and met Claptrap[‘s cardboard cousin]


huntbell           20140711_123518_001

From @HuntBell                                                               Rise Hawkeye and a lich?