Bloodborne Hype Train


It all began with a whisper… a rumor.

A leak had let out  that From Software were working on a new game and it was called Project Beast.

All the Tumblrs and lore channels on YT were ablaze with speculation and people were jumping on board the Hype Train eagerly. Being the level headed person that I am I decided to wait until something solid took shape before I gave bought a ticket and joined everyone.

Shortly afterwards the footage used in the video above started to circulate as well and I could see the game in action. Was it time to buy a ticket? No..not just yet for me. Seeing the gameplay, the color scheme, the monsters, angry villagers, the spirit/fog gate, all I could think was “it’s just Demons Souls again.” I know for a large chunk of the Souls consumers that alone is enough to pre-order the game but it just didn’t excite me. I saw the same drab shambles of a kingdom that had fallen into ruin that we had seen all over in Boletaria.

E3 passed this summer and the Rubbish hit the fan when Sony announced that Project Beast was actually a game called Bloodborne and not only was it being developed exclusively for the PS4, Demon’s and Dark soul legend Hidetaka Miyazaki was returning as director of this game after being absent from Dark Souls 2 (the reason for such now becoming clear).

Finally I was ready to get aboard the Hype train! This wasn’t the same ancient world where gods banished their sons  and dragons filled the skies; No it was a  modern(ish)! Cobble-stoned streets, a towering Gothic chapels, and creepy medical experiments, the BLUNDERBUSS! . This was going to be a horror game straight out of 19th century blood-curdling news stories and I wanted every bit of it!

But then… the final plunge of my roller coaster ride began as they released a gameplay trailer.

The movements, the dodge-roll, counter, rhythm of battle, the collision boxes of the blades and the enemies,another curse and THE SOUNDS OF THE FEET ON THE LADDERS! it was all the same! This video is from an early build of the game so some of these things have time to be changed, like the sound effects and I hope they will be.

The idea of the souls games really intrigues and speaks to me. The defining of what makes a human a human, of a soul and what would happen if you could take the souls from others and have your own taken. The drive that would cause to accumulate souls or else become hollow/insane/daft/invalid. The struggle for power that lords wage as their kingdoms enter twilight or as they turn sacrifice more than others were willing for power.  Bloodborne seems to have some of these aspects but the shift to focus on horror is welcome. If Miyazaki could only be even more bold and make more changes I would be on board. More than a different feeling combat system I would LOVE  a change in the setting.  I know it’s not the ancient kingdom with giant living suits of armor or dragon but taking this game out of Fake!England could open it up to so many possibilities.  Move it to Ancient Egypt or China or India. So many myths and so much lore to pull from (and yes I know about the Indian origins of Manus’ name). So much culture and so many other visual symbols that could be implemented to give all us lore hounds something to look up and debate about.

A part of me is scared that the reason for the uniformity carrying across into the next generation of games is in response to fan backlash. At the advent of Dark Souls (the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls which were spiritual successors to King’s Field) there was a pretty audible outcry from fans of the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls. Some felt Dark souls was too easy, some felt the PVP was “broken” because of the ease large amount of back stabbing, some console enthusiast felt betrayed that the game was available on PC and Xbox 360s, while some just complained it “wasn’t as good.” As I mentioned Miyazaki was not the director of Dark Souls 2 presumably because he was working on Bloodborne. Perhaps the negative opinions influenced his development and he kept this title close to the heart of the other to appease those fans. It’s also entirely possible this is the style, and sound effect, and animations, he himself holds dear. He’s the only one who could know the answer to that.

Maybe a launch trailer will come around and change my mind but right now Bloodborne just isn’t ‘new’ enough to get me on board with everyone else.

It all begins

More dogs that totally won’t do Bleed damage!

A fog/mist gate made of SOULS!