When I last left you, readers, I went off in search of answers to my questions about the plot of Dark Souls 2, and the search was pretty damn successful if I do say so myself.

I began by talking to a few friends who, like me, play the Souls game and find the setting and story just as engrossing as the gameplay. However these friends also came up with the same basic beats of the plot: Vendrick went off to kill the giants, stole something from them came back and hid away followed by (or just before) the rest of the giants showed up to wreck the kingdom. But the item/power he stole, what the Queen was after and who the Songstresses were, all these alluded them as well. The search would have to go deeper and there aren’t many places as vast and full of people claiming to know about stuff as Youtube.

I started with the channels that were primarily focused on Lore discussion (SilverMont, EpicNameBro, TerraMantis, VaatiVidya) and pretty much immediately found answers that plugged some big holes in my understanding of the game. I made a point in my last post about the Queen being silent upon her throne. I was just listing an aspect of the game and wasn’t intending that to be something I would have debunked! TerraMantis’s vid on Queen Nashandra includes clips with her dialog to the player! I’m not sure how I missed this dialog, I went to the throne room of the castle many times, after many big plot events, hoping she would talk but she never did. Maybe my file was corrupt or I didn’t step on the trigger tile..any of the dozen times I tried to interact with her. Or maybe you need to have the Ring of Whispers, which lets you hear enemies and talk to some monstrous NPCs, equipped to speak with her. I’ll figure it out on my next playthrough.

But Nashandra’s intentions become pretty clear from this dialog. She wants the player to become the next monarch of Drangleic, sit upon the Throne of Want and…do something…that will let the Dark spread.

Now two very large looming questions have been taken care of: What the hell the Queen wanted from the beginning, before she showed up as the final boss, and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Even if we  have no intention of working for her, our entire quests is to sit the throne. But why was it so damned hard to get to the throne? If everybody, including the King’s spirit and the Emerald Herald wants us to sit on the throne why all the obstacles before we can do it? That answer came from another video.

Usually in a story like this all the trials the hero must overcome are put in his way by the very people who want his help, a test,  as a way to measure his strength. Once he does he is given a prize or treasure that will bring some form of prosperity; But that’s not the case in Dark Souls 2. The obstacles that you must clear before you can ascend the Throne of Want are all in place to keep Nashandra OFF the throne!

  • The doors protecting the Throne and the most important Giant corpse are all barred and the only way to get them to open is by possessing the King’s Ring.
  • The King’s Ring is on Vendrick’s Corpse in the crypt.
  • The crypt is protected by a cult, guardsmen and The King’s Aegis (giant bell-mace swinging boss)
  • Access to the crypt is only gained passed the Amana’s Shrine which are home to dragon cultists and the Songstresses (known as Malfinito) that can subdue the Dark
  • The Ancient Dragon,  the symbol of fire and light which oppose the Dark, is the only one that can give you the Ashen Mist Hart which you need to access the Giant’s Friendship (which I believe to be the item Vendrick also acquired when he traveled across the sea to wage war)

With all of these barring her way the Queen didn’t really stand a chance on her own in getting to the throne and so she goads the Chosen Undead to do so.

The last question I found a partial answer to was the power of the throne itself. Dark Souls 2 beats it into the player’s head that the world the game is set in is one bound by a cyclical fate. Kingdoms rise, grow wealthy and learn soul arts and faith spells and then suddenly a curse appears and humans become Undead. The undying plague the land and seek to amass souls within themselves to stave off the curse. To do this they attack others and steal their souls. Then beings of the Dark arise to challenge those that thrive in the light and the kingdom eventually falls, not just losing power, they are destroyed in a violent war. The Throne of Want is situated in a kiln, much like the place where the player fought Lord Gwyn in the first game, and it basically  allows you to…either survive into the next cycle of the world or else be the catalyst that causes this cycle to end. As it is a Kiln and Nashandra seems to want the power of the First Flame, maybe your ultimate goal it to burn again and BECOME the first flame!?

These vids and comments sections answered most of my big glaring questions about the plot but some others remain. For example the Malfinito, whose song can calm the Darkones… according to the item description on the clothes they drop , they were given their power by Nito, the lord of the dead in the first game. When the hell did Nito gain any power over the Undead to pass on to these girls? Nito, the first of the dead, held power over death, the Undead were an affront to his very kingdom. He and Gwyn worked together to have the Undead go around pumping humanity into bonfires (which really only served to extend the Age of Fire from Dark Souls). He damn sure didn’t sing in that game. Another question, what are the Emerald Herald’s power and how did she get them. The observant player will see that she was probably created in that creepy lab but what was she made from and how does she control soul powers? AND how does she teleport around the map?

The final piece of DLC for the game just came out and the new DEX/INT Witch will go around looking for the answers to the last questions and hopefully uncover more mysteries.