I just wanted to take some time out things I can’t wait to spend money on in the coming months. Please have your ticket ready and climb on board the HYPE TRAIN!

FE Hype


First up on the Hype Train is Fire Emblem: IF! The sequel to the groundbreaking 3DS title that I gleefully sank about 70 hours into, FE:I was first revealed back in January and besides starred a beautiful yet pitiful blue-haired Songstress. A lot of typical Japanese themes were found in that first trailer: using water as a portal to another world, what appeared to be body doubles. I concluded that this game would piggyback off the idea of the Future Children from Fire Emblem Awakening and provide new units based on this songstress jump back and forth between possible reality. (ie. If you had lost this battle this NPC would have been abducted by the enemy and turned into an assassin who you can now recruit from the other world).  The following trailer gave us the first real details on the game.

I wasn’t too far off! In this game you choose one of two kingdom’s to back and you can’t take that choice back. I bet ya dollars to donuts that a third GREAT EVIL appears forcing some units from the two armies to work as one. I will obviously choosing the black-clad Nohr. Because those dudes have sexy long hair. My only disappointment here is that the main character ISN’T the blue-haired songstress.

The long-rumored-to-be-cancelled SMT x FE. A collab between the teams behind the most popular strategy RPGs of the current gen. What are my thoughts on this post-apocalyptic high school dating sim Jpop idol contest with flying, mecha Pegasuses?  Looks like I’m getting a goddamned Wii-U

Persona 4 Dancing All Night! Go home, Rise. Yukiko is here.

A game that was just recently promised to be localized is the Attack on Titan 3DS game. It’ll be in NA next month. I am more than ready to protect the walls.

Next up is a game I’m probably going to hate and never play again but I’ve really been drawn to the Binding of Isaac since the re-release added new levels, and updated a ton of things. Despite the news breaking on April Fool’s the game will be hitting the 3DS some time this year Bc_isaac

As I have just figured out I need to buy a Wii2 I also need to add a game I already had my heart open to but didn’t expect to get my hands on anytime soon: Xenoblade Chronicles X. Thanks to Chuggaaconroy I was exposed to the Truth that is Reyn’s abs – uh I mean the original game. The accents, the fighting the Noppon and the crazy japanesey plot. It was such beauty. The sequel excites me but this game sort of looks more like PSO2  to me. The customization of the player character really gives me that feeling. Not sure if it’s a good or bad one yet.

(A quick rundown of other Wii2 games I am excited to get my hands on include: Hyrule Warriors, Slayonetta 1 & 2, Wonderful 101 and Earthbound – which for some godforsaken reason isn’t in the 3DS Eshop.)

P4 Dancing all night Kanji

What are you all excited for coming up?