Steven Universe: Attack the Light!

“I hate mobile games.”

“I hate being on the subway and seeing people flick and kick their robots down an infinite temple runner, as they ignore the people who are trying to maneuver around them and the poles and other Bidoof on the train.”

“I hate mobile games because they’re all Match 3 tile games or Infinite Runners or Farmville and I can’t deal with that.”

These are the thoughts that held me back from playing games on my 1 year old smart phone and these are the thoughts that were completely blown away by Steven Universe: Attack the Light.

Attack the Light
                                                 Steven Universe: The Party

This wonderful game is a fully fledged RPG, based on the hilarious and subversively progressive TV show, Steven Universe. The revolves around Steven, who is the child of a legendary warrior woman who lead a team of immortal fighters who have pledged to defend the Earth from invaders. That team, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl use flashy powers, goofy attacks and science-y lasers to defeat foes on TV and you control them, and Steven in the game.

Attack the Light opens in a 4th wall-breaking bit, Steven is bored at home after his game console dies, but thankfully the gems show up and whisk him off on a real adventure to collect some anthropomorphic beams of light that have gotten loose. Steven embarks on a real life adventure and whimsically remarks to the gems that they are in a real RPG as he checks for loot and healing items. The team travels across 5 worlds fighting and returning the light creatures to captivity.

You start each round with 5 star points and every action (besides using items) cost some points.Saving points to use a bigger attack next round is very important. Besides that battles play out like a classic turn-based RPG: The gems attack foes directly (bonus damage is awarded to well timed screen taps), Steven plays the cleric by healing and buffing. But the whole thing is coated in Steven Universe imagery that would make any fan happy and gives it a very distinct charm. Steven heals by complementing and boosting the ego of the gems, he buffs by playing his father’s guitar; Amethyst can lower an enemy’s attack and defense by morphing into a huge muscular wrestler and elbow-diving them;  Pearl can crowd control and force enemies to skip turns using her holo-Pearl ability, and Garnet has a Rocket Punch! Items include things like Cookie Cat pastries and Together Breakfasts as nods to the show as well.

Every RPG needs evil Scorpions
                                                                     Steven Universe

There’s tons of room for strategy and customization but it never feels overwhelming. Each gem can equip up to 2 badges to augment their status, give stat bonuses or immunity to debuffs, as well as getting traditional level ups. I myself chose to give Pearl bonuses to her attack with every level and a badge that heals 5 HP each round and since her attack uses 1 star she became a Glass Canon that killed 3-4 mobs a turn. Garnet tanked with the most HP and debuff protection and Amethyst got all the Luck to get debuffs on multiple enemies with her whip attack. You could go through the game anyway, without using any badge or with a more balanced team than mine and still have a great time.

Demon Goddess
                                                              Demon Goddess

This game is amazing, perfect for my 30 minute or for an hour in bed or anywhere. You feel like you’re accomplishing real things and it’s funny and heartwarming just like the show. At only $3 in the app store you really have no reason not to get this game if you like RPGs or good things.


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