Mini Post: SMTxFE News!

SMTxFE (aka the GREATEST GAME EVER) has had some new info drop in recent weeks. While the game, unfortunately, didn’t release a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show, we did learn that it would be releasing in Japan on Boxing Day! This week even more details have come to light thanks to a scan of a Famitsu article and the official website going up. Here are juiciest bits:

Kiria’s Mirage has been confirmed as Tharja; the Gothy, dark-humored, liberally-dressed fan favorite from Fire Emblem Awakening.


I gotta admit, I never used Tharja in my FE:A playthrough. I made Cordellia a Dark Mage so her child would have the Life Drain skill so Tharja was just extra. However this magic maiden looks amazing. That cape/gown, that floating staff. I’m getting plenty of Magical Girl feels from it.

source :

On a side note, I don’t really like Kiria’s standard outfit. The whole “thong straps showing above your pants” thing is so 2010. It’s very K$sha.

The scan also revealed that Eleonora, the archer of the party, will have the playboy nobleman, Virion, as her Mirage. Very fitting and he looks very cool.


There was another party member revealed who seems to be a child idol. Mamori will apparently be partnered with the huge hulking Mirage, Draug.

l_560cf663dace1 Genei-Ibun-Roku-FE-Screenshot-3

But the most important reveal is clearly Barry Goodman. After having nothing but the twinky protag, Itsuki,  and Toma to look at for a year or so, Barry’s burly big-chested body is a wonder to behold. He hasn’t be confirmed as a party member, unfortunately but if there is a god he will be or at least will be in various states of undress. Admire below


Genei-Ibun-Roku-FE-Screenshot-12 Genei-Ibun-Roku-FE-Screenshot-11

I am so fucking excited


One thought on “Mini Post: SMTxFE News!

  1. Kanji! i didn’t knew you had a blog… you should have told me sooner.

    I reopened my old twitter account, now free of undesirable people and stalkers. Let me know when you got any time to chat.



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