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Nintendo released another  under 3 minute video with a handful of details on SunMoon. It confirmed some details that had previously leaked , and gave some brand new shocking info.


  • The previously discovered trademarks “Solgaleo” and “Lunala” were confirmed as the names of the legendary duo of Sun and Moon respectively.
  • Solgaleo (MechaLion) has a Steel/Psychic typing and the ability Full Metal Body which prevents all stat changes from the opposing poke, even from abilities like Intimidate
  • Lunala (MOOON Bat) is a Ghost/Psychic with Shadow Shield which cuts damage received when Lunala is hit at full health (like Multiscale on Dragonite.)
  • The sudden fan favorite Kukui is confirmed as the Professor. His assistant, and our potential rival,Lillie was revealed.
  • The biggest surprise from the trailer was the update to the Podex. The little digital encyclopedia that has been with us since our journey through Kanto will be possessed by a Rotom this time around, speaking to the player directly and giving hints.

Hold on to your butts, fellow Poke’ Maniacs, we just got a ton of Pokemon info this morning.

First off, here’s the trailer Nintendo released this morning. Check it out and come back when you’ve finished drooling.

What we learned directly from the trailer are the typing and names of the New Three starters and we see the Legendaries for both Sun and Moon versions.

Join me in welcoming Litten (The Lit Kitten), Rowlet (the Round Owl) and…Popplio.

We also met the two Legendaries of each game but we don’t know their names yet. But their names aren’t important because I will be getting Moon and naming that gorgeous flying creature “MOOOON BAAT.”



Other Things We Know About #PokemonSunMoon

  • The Alola Region, where the game is located, is designed after the islands of Hawaii
  • The games’ Professor is named Kukui after the Candlenut Tree, the symbol of HawaiiPokoeon kukui
  • Characters in the game world will be illustrated with proper proportions in all instances for the first time. Not just during the the seconds before a battle starts. I am pretty excited for this.
  • Character customization is back from XY. Hopefully the ability to buy and combine unique outfits and get super cute haircuts will also be back. So far all we’ve seen is this image of varied skin tones, which are very much appreciated.

    pokemon sun custom

    Image captured from the Chinese trailer


Sun and Moon release on November 18th and preorders are of course up on Amazon.

I have a very strong feeling that I came back from the future, after learning to code a video game and speak Japanese, and became the director of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. After reviewing the evidence, and ruling out that a Dream Genie granted this one wish and overlooked all the others where I beg for a husband and a real Silver Imperium Crystal, I came to the time travel conclusion because how else can a game that so perfectly encapsulates everything that I love and put into one gorgeous, Japanese package.

As a fan of both the Persona and Fire Emblem games I was interested in this game as it was announced 4 years ago and then when we got our first actual visual of the game I was hit with a wave of excitement and video-game-desire that I haven’t felt since…Pokemon Platinum. I knew that I wanted this game in my life and I knew I would be buying a WiiU just for it but I wanted to understand WHY I needed it. So I analyzed all the things it does/has that make it like coke to me.

Elements of an RPG/anime that I love

Let’s get this one out of the way early. I like dresspheres. Alot. I have since I saw my first Henshin sequence in Sailor Moon up until my most recent in Kill la Kill. Explosions of light, rainbow beams colors and starscapes rolling over characters and changing them into their Battle Outfits are never a bad thing. If I could get ready for work every morning in a 25 second stock footage sequence you better believe I would.



SMT X FE: Dresspheres? Check

Music is really important to me. I can say more things about myself with a playlist than I can with words. I can be more empathetic and sympathetic to a terrible situation in a music video than one in real life. So when music is used by a series, or even more rarely, used directly by a character in that series, to bring about change in the world then I am 100% into it. Formative examples include:

  • Myself from Full Moon Wo Sagashite Full Moon is an anime about a terminally ill girl meeting angels who try to grant her wish of becoming a pop-star. Emotional music abounds.
  • real Emotion opening FFX-2. Yuna changes her Dressphere and does a Jpop performance. There’s really nothing else that needs to be said (YES, I know it was actually Leblanc using Yuna’s GarmentGrid but that’s not the point)
  • Every song The Three Lights sang in Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars. Holy crap. Just listened to Todokanu Omoi (My Best Friend’s Love) and goddamn. I’m flooded with emotions. I want that to happen in a video game

Similarly to music, I think dance can be used to communicate alot of passion and emotion that words just fail to capture. But also its just hella fun! I want my characters to have fun, it makes me happy.

SMT X FE: Dancing? 2 of your party members are singing idols and you better believe they dance. Check.

*Laser Beams
I’m a simple guy. I think good should triumph over evil and Light should beat Dark (unless they can live in harmony). And the most direct expression of this, I think, are some good old fashion laser beams. Not boring, pew pew, shot from a little space pistol lasers, but spectacular light shows that blow up bad guys or transform nations.

Sailor Moon x Beryl 1

Friendship triumphs over everything

  • Beryl turned into Negadust

Beryl turned into Negadust

Nanoha Befriending Fate

Nanoha Befriending Fate

Befriending everyone in the Ocean

Befriending everyone in the Ocean

SMT X FE: Lasers? I haven’t seen any of this caliber yet but there’s magic and that kind of counts.

*Strong Independent Women

Lastly, and possibly most important, the connecting thread between all the things that I really love are fierce ladies. Ladies who kick ass AND aren’t afraid to cry. Ladies who dance and scowl. Ladies ladies ladies. Some very important examples

Lightning (pre-Goddess)

Lightning (pre-Goddess)

Korra fire

Avatar Korra about to wreck shit

Avatar Korra about to wreck shit

SMT X FE: Fierce Ladies? So far half of the playable party members are fierce ladies, and the manager who helps train the party to attain their idol dreams is also a women. Between Tsubasa falling out of a portal in the sky and landing on her Pegasus and Kiria being an established pop star who can cross dimensions…I think this game  has fierceness covered.

So upon analysis this game hits every single pressure point in my heart. I mean you play as a group of Jpop and Jdrama AND POWER RANGERs in training! Who WOULDN’T love this? NIow I just need to time travel a few months to the future to when this game is released so I can enjoy it.

Check out the E3 trailer below and preorder by giving me some money via Paypal

I just wanted to take some time out things I can’t wait to spend money on in the coming months. Please have your ticket ready and climb on board the HYPE TRAIN!

FE Hype


First up on the Hype Train is Fire Emblem: IF! The sequel to the groundbreaking 3DS title that I gleefully sank about 70 hours into, FE:I was first revealed back in January and besides starred a beautiful yet pitiful blue-haired Songstress. A lot of typical Japanese themes were found in that first trailer: using water as a portal to another world, what appeared to be body doubles. I concluded that this game would piggyback off the idea of the Future Children from Fire Emblem Awakening and provide new units based on this songstress jump back and forth between possible reality. (ie. If you had lost this battle this NPC would have been abducted by the enemy and turned into an assassin who you can now recruit from the other world).  The following trailer gave us the first real details on the game.

I wasn’t too far off! In this game you choose one of two kingdom’s to back and you can’t take that choice back. I bet ya dollars to donuts that a third GREAT EVIL appears forcing some units from the two armies to work as one. I will obviously choosing the black-clad Nohr. Because those dudes have sexy long hair. My only disappointment here is that the main character ISN’T the blue-haired songstress.

The long-rumored-to-be-cancelled SMT x FE. A collab between the teams behind the most popular strategy RPGs of the current gen. What are my thoughts on this post-apocalyptic high school dating sim Jpop idol contest with flying, mecha Pegasuses?  Looks like I’m getting a goddamned Wii-U

Persona 4 Dancing All Night! Go home, Rise. Yukiko is here.

A game that was just recently promised to be localized is the Attack on Titan 3DS game. It’ll be in NA next month. I am more than ready to protect the walls.

Next up is a game I’m probably going to hate and never play again but I’ve really been drawn to the Binding of Isaac since the re-release added new levels, and updated a ton of things. Despite the news breaking on April Fool’s the game will be hitting the 3DS some time this year Bc_isaac

As I have just figured out I need to buy a Wii2 I also need to add a game I already had my heart open to but didn’t expect to get my hands on anytime soon: Xenoblade Chronicles X. Thanks to Chuggaaconroy I was exposed to the Truth that is Reyn’s abs – uh I mean the original game. The accents, the fighting the Noppon and the crazy japanesey plot. It was such beauty. The sequel excites me but this game sort of looks more like PSO2  to me. The customization of the player character really gives me that feeling. Not sure if it’s a good or bad one yet.

(A quick rundown of other Wii2 games I am excited to get my hands on include: Hyrule Warriors, Slayonetta 1 & 2, Wonderful 101 and Earthbound – which for some godforsaken reason isn’t in the 3DS Eshop.)

P4 Dancing all night Kanji

What are you all excited for coming up?

I quickly realized that doing a separate post for every game I am really excited about this year wasn’t going to happen, then I kept pushing of this Megapost, putting the rest together. Since none of the games I am really excited about come out until February this post could still be considered timely so long as I did it some time in January…welp…ain’t no party like a last minute party!

We’ve already covered Lightning’s Return and Dragkengard 3 so let’s keep it rolling with another Squeenix title:


Bravely Default: As the Fairy Flies (3DS)


I had heard of this game since before it released in Japan a year ago and wasn’t interested at all, to be honest. It just seemed like another nostalgia cash in for a generation of whiny gamer who pine for the days when “games were good.” Many months and lots of positive buzz later the demo lands in the NA 3DS shop and I decide to take a peak at it…and Praise the Sun that I did.

What, on the surface, looks like a typical, traditional, turn-based RPG set in another Fake British Empire with white citizens who have ill-fitting Japanese customary character-traits, turned out to be a revolution of the genre. The game has so many modernized and retooled systems engaging the  player at once that every battle becomes tactical warfare. The firs layer is the Job system that we’ve seen as early as FF3 but really done exquisitely in FF5. Each character can equip a main class (standards like the Black, White and Red Mages and Monk are joined by some really interesting ideas like Pirate and Spell Fencer) which dictates stats, equipment proficiency and passive skills. They also get access to the attack and spell pool of another class via a subclass class slot. Finally they can equip a certain amount of passive skills to a 3rd character slot, opening up a deluge of customization options.

The 2nd layer is seen during combat and is actually the game’s name’s sake. The Brave/Default system turns each battle into as big a gamble as you want to take. Defaulting defends and characters take reduced damage and store up Brave Points and Braving let’s you spend your BP to take additional actions in the same turn. Spend too many BP and you won’t be able to act at all, leaving yourself wide open to enemy punishment. It’s a simple yet powerful tool and an addicting concept.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (PS3/PSV)


Might as well get the other Square entry out of the way. I was not at all interested in getting this re-release of a game I played over 10 years ago. But then one day I was on a video game blog that isn’t mine (*gasp*) and on a news post about this game a commenter explained that he never played X-2 because it seemed like a “girly game.” I took it upon myself to defend the game, explaining that the girliest thing about it was that it stars 3 female characters (and the magical girl transformations and that ridiculous scene in Mt Gagazet). I assured him that the story was just as typically over dramatic as most JRPGs, that the VA was vastly improved over the original and the battle system was AMAZING! By the end of our back and forth I had convinced BOTH of us that we needed to play this game again, in HD AND with all the extras that never made it to America before.

(This is the 3rd game on my lists involving costume changes…so I hope you’re making whatever connection needs to be made there.)

Child of Light (PSV/PS4/PC/360/x1/WIIU)


A platforming-RPG hybrid that brings a shock of hand drawn characters and painted landscapes in this chrome next-gen future of high res textures and mo-cap everything. Besides being a soothing escape from the games that want to be hyper realistic, but just mimmick the worst parts of life (violence, death, explosions) this game is literally a fairy tale that you control.  I am really excited.



8 characters.

300 hours.

25/41 achievements.

Anger. Tears, Curses. Praise (to the Sun of course). Laughter. Stress. Screams of fright.

These are all the things I’ve given to Dark Souls. The sequel looks so very worthy of all of these and more.

I am prepared to go beyond death.



A game that actually came out in the beginning of 2012, Dustforce is a platformer/action game from with a very simple and stylized aesthetic. Hitbox Team’s game hooked me with the burst of colors and very zen “just move forward and clean up some dust.” ideals. The reason this is on my 2014 list is because it’s being ported tot he Vita in about 3 days.

Hyper Lighter Drifter (PSV/PC)


Another retro-styled looking game. HLD has a bit of a Zelda vibe going on, but unlike Zelda I actually give a toss about it! Enemies look large and intimidating and you’ll thank goodness for each gadget on your tool belt. This game was Kickstarted with over $640k, after going in asking for $27k. I look forward to diving in these dungeons.

I’m can’t wait for these games and hopefully a few surprise titles to liven up my 2014.


The epic conclusion of the most recent epic (and then less epic) entries in the Final Fantasy series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is one of the games I cannot wait to sink my teeth into next year.

Final Fantasy XIII holds a very large and special place in my heart. I hated the game out spite for years without ever had played it, because it took 5 years to come out and diverged so very much from where the series had been, but mainly because during those 5 years all the trailers Squareenix put out were so obviously not actual game play I was insulted. It was like trying to sell a movie ticket by showing a trailer of what you wish the movie was. But after seeing a beloved YouTube personality play it on his channel I saw how amazingly fresh, fast paced and challenging the game was and I got a hold of the game for myself. And I loved it. I felt silly for shunning it for so long and was so happy it was in my life. Cut to me playing the sequel and being very, very let down by the terrible character design, overused anime tropes and HORRIBLE ending that 1) was locked away as paid DLC and 2) felt like it had negated everything the player accomplished in the first two games.

But then previews for this finale started to show up and I was once again ready to let Lightning into my heart. Creators at Square promise it will conclude the XIII storyline and satisfy loyal fans while welcoming new ones. I am, however, slightly more interested in all the fanservice the game will provides. Combining the Paradigm Shifting battle system of the first two games, which allowed party members to, essentially switch Job Classes mid-battle, with the Sailor Moon-tastic Dress Spheres of FFX-2, LR:FFXIII introduces us to the Schema System.

Lightning will have access to over a dozen Garbs or costumes in the game, each with a particular skill set and purpose that she can assign to the face buttons to use during battle. As you complete an skill you use up actions for that Garb and when depleted you can do nothing but walk around. To regain those points you’ll need to spend time in one of the other two Garbs you have equipped – for a total of 3 Garbs at a time. So the tactic becomes constantly moving and switching Garbs so you always have action points when you need them.

More fanservice comes in the form of being able to edit and color each Garb as you see fit as well as Light getting access to some very famous threads from the Final Fantasy series:

Lightning as Locke
Lightning in a Garb based on FFVI’s Locke

Lightning as aeris
Lightning as FFVII’s Aeris

Lightning as Yuna
Lightning in Yuna’s formal wear from FFX

Light compensating with Cloud’s Buster Sword and dress from FF7

And….a catgirl from FFXIV >___>

I look forward to destroy all the fal’cie in February 2014 when Lighning [finally] Returns.

This game was actually previewed at the Tokyo Game Show this year, but with all the PS4 hype and Xbox One:Always On, No Used Games, Terrorist Machine noise, I didn’t even see a word about it until a week or so after the event.

Drakengard 3 is hack and slash action game, along the lines of Devil May Cry. Starring Zero,the eldest of five sister practitioners of song-magic, known as Intoners, this game is actually a prequel to the first Drakengard released on the PS2 so many years ago. The original PS2 game has gathered a cult following for its atypical story -which featured demonic babies, incest, pedophilia and time travel – and the ability to rain fiery death on your foes with aerial dragon combat. Drakengard 3 continues that trend, offering a mixed selection of on-foot combat that focuses on combos, aerial battles on your Dragon, Michail, and fighting huge boss monsters on the ground with Michail.

Though not as tight as, say, Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising Revengence, the controls are lightyears ahead what they were on the PS2. The warriors in both Drakengard 1 and 2 were as agile as an ox-driven cart, and pitiful combos to boot. The combat in this prequel is very fast and gives a sense of control over the battlefield.

But perhaps above all else, I am anticipating the music of this game. Keiichi Okabe composes some amazing work and this particular, haunting, wailing song performed by Chihiro Onitsuka fills me with emotions I can’t even describe.

Drakengard launched on Friday, December 20th in Japan and is has a vague 2014 date set for the US/EU